Not all dogs benefit from walks in a large group of dogs.

This ‘private dog walks’ service offers a private walk for your dog. During  the walk there is focus on preventing bad behaviour and teaching good behaviour. I’ll make sure your dog does not go through any bad experience and is feeling comfortable. The walk suits the needs of your dog. 

Private Dog walks & training Wassenaar area

Your dog does not have to meet a lot of requirements for private dog walks and training. This service is also suitable for dogs that (are):

  • Not social to other dogs 
  • Bitches on heat or male dogs that are uncastrated
  • Easily stressed
  • Car sick
  • Very young or very old
  • Injured with restrictions for the walk
  • Doesn’t listen to commands, doesn’t come when called
  • Fearfull


You like a professional to walk your dog? Please contact me. We agree on dates, times and also the way I handle your dog and where I should and should not walk. I always keep my word and will update you after the walk. 

Costs: € 300,- per 5 walks (valid for 2 months). This amount includes 21% VAT and travel costs within Wassenaar area. A walk takes 1 hour, but can be extended on request. 

Please contact me to check upon availability.