Start training your puppy!

My puppy training lessons focus on the most important parts of training. If you create this fine start for your dog, he or she will become a happy adult. With puppies we have this time window, a puppy needs to be socialised before 3 to 4 month old, to grow up as a fine adult dog.

Puppy course takes 1 month, 1 lesson every week.

Private puppy training

My lessons are different each week and above all: lots of fun. We focus on the basis skills and obedience that are so important for a puppy: walking on leash, come when called, attention for you as the owner, social skills, trust, the basics to grow up as a confident and well behaving adult dog.

  1. Directly after registration below, you will receive a confirmation containing a link to my puppy manual, to share some very important first information.
  2. At your home: first lesson I will visit you and your puppy at your home. To get to know each other and answer all your questions. We also start our training. This appointment will take some more time, expected to be about 1,5 hour.
  3. The following 3 lessons will take place in public area’s. I will teach you how to introduce your puppy to new environments and how you can read your puppies body language.
  4. All lessons will be combined with social interactions, teaching good behaviour, walking on leash and obedience. My social dogs can play a role in this process, if needed.

Dates and time slots are not fixed, we can plan any daytime, afternoon or weekend. The lessons are 1-on-1.

We will teach your puppy basic obedience commands during this puppy training lessons.

The private puppy training price is € 247,-  (including 21% VAT)

  • We focus on the most important skills for your puppy
  • Understand your puppies behaviour
  • How do you teach your dog new behaviour
  • Teaching your pup basic commands
  • Ask all your puppy questions
  • 1-on-1, so all attention for you and your puppy
  • Suitable for puppies upto 20 weeks old

This puppy course contains 4 private lessons in total. The first lesson is at your home and takes about 1,5 hour. The other 3 lessons are in the Wassenaar area weekly, and take about 1 hour.

Up to 10 kilometers outside Wassenaar is free, after that it’s €0,35 per kilometer. Parking fee’s will be charged.

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